Boogie Woodie

Boogie Woodie and good humor comes.
When I read that my candle will warm my heart more than a bonfire, I surrendered!
I love Merci Handy and after having tried everything (I am obsessed, I know) I could not miss out on their new creature: the candle.
What makes it special? It is made of vegan natural wax and no bee has been a victim during the creation process. The glass is reusable and so pretty to be collected. It lasts 45 hours and ….
And for all the 45 hours I intend not to waste every single minute of its perfume. Top notes are lilac, mint and apple. The coeur notes are bamboo, water lily and white rose. And finally the vanilla, cedar wood and musk notes arrive. With a secret note as crazy as a beaver playing with a hula hoop. When I read about their secret note I cannot not tell you how much I laughed!
Do you want it too? Even just for the secret note? Yes? Well, I have a good news for you. Those who will buy it with my super code ROSSELLA-CANDELE20 will get a 20% discount. This is the direct link


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