NA-KD Fashion

Colours everywhere and my favorite red nuance on.

You know how sensitive I am to colours.

On colors I have founded most of my business with my specialization in Advanced Colour Analysis.

In other words, compared to the majority of image consultants, I identify colours for my clients without any reference to the so-called Theory of Seasons which groups people into macro-categories: the seasons.

I work on uniqueness with high-level techniques that I learned in England.

Here I was in the wonderful Burano.

I was wearing a dress by NA-KD fashion, an interesting brand because it has very stylish clothes at reasonable prices.

I am happy to tell you that I have a 20% discount code that will be valid until Sunday 6 of May: ROSSELLAO20.

Have a look on…

In the following picture you will see the other items that I chose for me: a deep back body and a high-waisted jeans with the final part in two colours.



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